Chuck, Blair and Law School

In the face of true love, you don't just give up even if the object of your affection is begging you to.”
This is one of the most memorable and striking lines of Chuck Bass (Although, I believe that all his lines leave lingering impact). Whoever said that Gossip Girl is only about love, scandal, sex and aggressiveness doesn't know what he was saying.

It was one typical dawn, I was busy reading my book on the Revised Penal Code. My eyes were tired from hours of reading and I decided to take a break. A break, usually, is when I stare directly at the wall with my mind either blank or with mixed thoughts. That time, my mind was overflowing with numerous, unrelated, random thoughts about the past, present and future. I thought about the things, activities I’ve been missing and hadn't done since law school started.

I specifically thought about how I miss watching Gossip Girl, seeing Leighton Meester play Blair Waldorf and hearing Ed Westwick speak with an American accent. The show will air its 6th and final season. It was an awesome series and I don't look forward watching it end but I wouldn't miss its epic finale nonetheless.

Then I thought that by the time it airs on October 8, I'll be so busy with law school stuff that there will be no time to spare for watching anything at all. And I became worried. A LOT. My mind went back to the past seasons of Gossip Girl; it especially dwelt on Chuck and Blair moments that totally made my heart jump to joy or cry in sadness. And I remembered the wedding of Lily and Bart where Chuck said the lines I quoted earlier. Yeah, Chuck got it right. When a person is truly in love, in its purest sense, he will never give up. Even the rejection of the one he loves, will not slightly affect his pursuit.

And I remembered law school. I would love to be a lawyer. I don't know everything there is about becoming a lawyer but I know that I want to be called and become one. (You can read the story (or not) of the evolution of my lawyer ambition here.)

“In the face of true love, you don't just give up…” Law school is not yet on the point of making me really give up. Midterm exams are just around the corner so I haven’t exactly seen the worst that law school can bring. The first few days of hopelessness was just a panic/anxiety attack and I don’t consider them tantamount to giving up. But I am certain, it’s definite as the fact that the sun rises in the east, that law school will put me down on my knees, and torture me mentally, physically and emotionally. It will come. But I love law school. And if it's true love, you continue fighting “…even if the object of your affection is begging you to.”

So, I won’t surrender. I swear. Just like Chuck and Blair, it’s end game. No matter how many times they make up, fight, break up, make up again, fight again, break up again; the fans, producers and writers know that they are meant for each other and in the end, must be back on each other's arms. In that same way, law and I are end game. No matter how many times I become responsible and then lazy, wise and then stupid, optimistic and then pessimistic, I would somehow get through all the challenges. I'm just meant to become a lawyer. And I’m here to claim it.

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