The Difficulty of Following One's Heart

FACT: Making a decision doesn't make the questions and doubts go away.

After deciding to leave Law School, my mind didn't stop bothering me. I still lie awake at night pondering on whether I made the right choice. I sometimes stop in the middle of a chore and just stare into space. During bad days, I even consider the idea of returning to Law School.

What's my plan?

I've officially left Law School last November 9, 2012. I didn't write about it because I wasn't in the mood. Even before I finished taking my last two exams, I knew that I would not go back for second semester. I paid my dorm and left but it took me two weeks to submit my leave of absence letter. Yeah, I filed for a leave of absence. I didn't completely omit Law School from my life. I had to give my parents a glimmer of hope so that they'll let me call my own shots. And I also figured that I might think of coming back in the future.

Barack Obama's Victory Speech 2012

The United States of America is a key actor in international politics and whoever its people choose to lead them would dictate the direction of world politics.

I've always been an Obama fan. So, I was glad that the US President was reelected in office. Back in 2008, my Political Science Professor asked us to memorize and deliver Obama's victory speech. Since then, I've admired his eloquence. I can't help but check out his victory speech in his reelection. (I've included at the end of this post a link to a video and the transcript of his victory speech.)
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