Officially a Rettorney!

I'll let you in on a little secret. I went back to law school. Today, I'm now officially enrolled. Sshhhhhhhh... I didn't tell everyone. Only my family, a few of my friends and law school buddies know about it.

After the May 2013 election, I made up my mind that I was going to go back. But I also decided that I would transfer to another campus. Deciding to quit law school was hard and deciding to return was even harder. I had to swallow everything I've said when I left. So, I wanted a new environment and a new set of people. It's my own way of starting with a clean slate (Although, I know that it's not a clean slate. After all, all our actions and decisions in the past have consequences that we can never escape.).

Trust after Yolanda

I'm scared and worried to death just like everyone who has relatives in Samar and Leyte. I feel helpless. Today's the third day that we haven't heard from our family in Lawaan, Eastern Samar. Our last update was from a news report in ABS-CBN, which said that there are 10 confirmed dead from our town. It's a shocking news! Although we were worried, somehow we were still hopeful that our town and kababayans are safe. We never expected any casualties.

A Shoutout to Reporters and News Staff

As super typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippine Area of Responsibility, it had done a lot of damage to different provinces. We were so worried at home because we can't contact our family and friends from Easter Samar, Tacloban and other parts of Leyte. We last heard from our mom at 5 in the morning, just after Yolanda's landfall at Guiuan. She told us that things were alright in Lawaan and everybody was fine but after that phone call, we failed to contact her or anyone in Samar and Leyte anymore. Even TV and radio broadcasting networks lost communication with their reporters as a result of the typhoon.

Samar and Leyte were virtually isolated from the rest of the Philippines during the onslaught of Yolanda. The absence of any update kept speculations and uneasiness in the air. A lot of people who have relatives from the said places were expressing their frustration on social networking sites. We were all dying to get hold of any information.


August is the Buwan ng Wika or month of language in the Philippines. Activities that are directed to a deeper appreciation for the Filipino language are held around the country. The most fun events happen in schools. The Department of Education determines the theme each year. The students' works (i.e. essays, posters, poems) should be relevant to the theme in order to win in whatever category they decide to join.

When I was a kid, the essay-writing and slogan-making competitions were my favorite activities. (It was through winning my school's first Filipino essay writing and slogan making competitions that my appreciation for writing began.) I also enjoyed performing Filipino folk dances like Tinikling and Cariñosa. I'm not a good dancer but we were required to participate back then and rehearsals offered great bonding time with my classmates.

Is This the End for 'Us'?

I'm pretty sure we almost broke up last night, as Taylor Swift sings. And I also could have thrown my phone at him if he was in my front. Luckily, he wasn't. My phone's safe, so is his pretty face.

He's been doing an excellent job ignoring me lately. Hopefully, an unconscious act on his part. He's been making me feel taken for granted and insignificant. Just the things I fear finding their way into reality (Utter ugh, I know!).

All signs -- everything that he's doing or (more appropriately) not doing -- are telling me that it would be wisest to end the relationship while it's still in the early stage before I become more emotionally involved.

Letting Go of Fears

I realized that in order to let go of my fears, I must have the courage to admit them. Not acknowledging them is like denying their existence. So here's to hoping that this fear which had been bothering me for quite some time will disappear...

My greatest fear is not to matter to people who matter to me the most. I'm scared of being insignificant to them.

Lesson Learned from Planning

Planning is a big part of my life. I have the habit of carefully scheduling things - proper timing to be in a relationship, the right age to get married, have kids, retire, finish grad school... I plan just about every detail of my life, even my daily routines!

There's comfort I find in planning. Probably the feeling of being in control and organized.

A Thirst for RH: Rectifying Misconceptions, Setting Records Straight

Contraceptives, sex education, abortion, population control – these things automatically come to mind at the mention of the Reproductive Health (RH) Bill. Thanks to strong and vocal opposition led by the Catholic Church leaders, controversies and heated debates surrounded the bill’s ratification. Regrettably, majority of the issues raised and given focus by the media and RH critics paved the way for the real essence of the bill to be overlooked. Critics focused on the contraceptive aspect but the bill is not limited to family planning; its spirit is the attainment of holistic human development. Legislators formulated it for a crucial concern – a comprehensive and effective reproductive health policy in the Philippines is long overdue.

Job Hunting #3: Pause

My mother asked me a favor. She wants me to join her re-election campaign team for the May 13 elections. My mom is a politician, as what others refer to her job. But I like to call her a public servant. Politics in the Philippines is tainted with corruption and malpractices that it's easy for Filipinos to generalize about individuals occupying public posts. However, I can proudly tell everyone that my mom is one of the good guys. She joins the ranks of individuals who genuinely wants to serve the nation and alleviate poor conditions in her hometown.

Job Hunting #2: Passion vs. Financial Gains

It's been two weeks now since I started searching for jobs. I've sent applications to six non-governmental organizations already. My sister complains that I'm not taking this seriously. Actually, I am that's why I've been picky with selecting. I want to ensure that the jobs I apply for are things I want to do and that they promote advocacy I have passion for. I also consider the organization culture because I want to work in an environment that would not only develop me professionally but would offer a holistic growth.

Evolution of Death

Death is the epitome of life's paradox. It may hurt, it may free; it may be a source of strength, but fear of it may be one's Achilles heel; it takes away life and yet life will be of no value without it; it is an end but also a beginning.

Job Hunting #1: Job Rejection

Today I experienced my first job rejection. I wasn't even called for an interview. Boy it slapped me in the face. I know I must not take it personally but it's inevitable to do that.

Understanding Nationalism

by: Maris Cay E. Gabornes

          Every Philippine History book contains something about nationalism and how it contributed to the Philippine Independence. Despite the frequent usage of the term, a lot of people are still confused with its actual idea and application. Nationalism and patriotism are often thought to be interchangeable concepts. However, these two words are technically unlike. Raul Manglapus explained that nationalism is rooted in the Latin word natio which literally means birth while patriotism is from the Latin patria which means fatherland. The former is the love of nation or birthplace and the latter is love of fatherland (as cited in Abueva, 1998).

Colonial Mentality: A Filipino Heritage?

by: Maris Cay E. Gabornes

Tangkilikin ang saraling atin,” (Patronize what is ours), we hear this statement spoken quite often. Cliché as it may sound but Filipinos do not live by it.

Skechers, Havaianas, Converse and Crocs’ sales in the Philippines reach hundred millions a year while the Marikina Shoe industry remains an underdog. A kid prefers to eat Hershey’s Kisses rather than enjoy Goya chocolate. The Hunger Games and other Hollywood films attract more audiences than Ang Babae sa Septic Tank and other Filipino movies. The current trend in the Philippines is very far from what former President Carlos P. Garcia had envisioned when he initiated the Filipino First Policy during his administration. The program’s main objective was to free the Philippine economy from foreign control and supervision. Although there are Filipinos who try to follow the path of nationalism that Jose Rizal and other heroes had taken, there are more who are driven by colonial mentality.

E-mail from God

Hi there! This is an e-mail I've received a couple of years ago and its message is still relevant today. I figured that the sender would be delighted if I share this with you. I hope you’ll make an effort to reflect on what He has to say.

As you got up this morning, I watched you and hoped you would talk to me, even if it was just a few words, asking my opinion or thanking me for something good that happened in your life yesterday – but I noticed you were to busy trying to find the best outfit to put on and wear to work.

I waited again. When you ran around the house getting ready I knew there would be a few minutes for you to stop and say hello, but you were too busy.

How to Fail Your Grades

From the day we've started going to school, our parents and teachers had been encouraging us to study hard. They have constantly reminded us of the importance of our studies in building a bright future. However, some people still prefer to neglect their studies. For those who haven’t mastered this yet, here are some helpful tips on how to fail your grades in NO time at all.

1. NEVER study your lessons even during exams and quizzes. Avoid your books as if they're contagious. Scanning them would ruin your goal to fail your grades. Grab the remote control, relax and enjoy your favorite TV show instead. Tell yourself that only nerds would study their lessons when they can spend a carefree night.

Fathoming A Mother's Love

You'll fully understand your mother when you become one yourself.

I've played mother to Vonce, my three year old nephew, for more than three weeks. He went home yesterday morning because his parents miss him a lot already. They live in Lawaan, Eastern Samar (my parents' hometown), which is miles away from where I live.

Vonce plays with his favorite stuffed pig toy
named Malaria.
A lot of people find it strange that Vonce is comfortable being away from his parents. Most kids his age would cry when separated from their parents but not him. He's used to having me around as his baby-sitter since he was an infant. I'd love to think that he considers me as his second mother.

My First 2013 Post

I have been planning on writing a new post since December 31st. I thought it would be nice if I write a list of things I loved about 2012. I also wanted to share my New Year's resolutions and my plans in making this year a blast. But for some reasons, the blank page drains all of my ideas every time I try to blog. I have finally brought myself to write this post. It is about time that I publish my first post for 2013.
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