Note to Self

Just embrace the challenges and disappointments, openly and willingly. No more complaints; no more reliance on luck; no more laid-back attitude; no more excuses. Commit to and act on your goals. 

In the end, you shall overcome!

Lesson Learned from Prof. Snape

As I checked my Facebook account, I saw a post of a Harry Potter page, wishing Snape a happy birthday. Severus Snape, I believe, is a character of the Harry Potter series that readers like myself hated and then loved. J.K. Rowling had masterfully written the books.
Snape, the villain I loathed and the hero whose death I mourned. 
The twists were intelligently plotted that's why she surprised us with the revelation in the 7th and last installment of Snape's sacrifices. Snape appeared as a deceitful, cunning character who loathed Harry for being his father's son and who betrayed Dumbledore's trust. But in the end, we discovered that right from the very beginning, Snape did all that he could to protect Harry out of his love for Lily, Harry's mother.

Reassurance Against Fear and Despair

Tonight's one of those nights when I can't move on from a recitation. The regret of not being able to remember something you've studied, the blame you put on your shoulder for not studying harder, the desire to go back in time and change the circumstances - these are the feelings that's been bugging me after my class earlier. In fact, these feelings have been my mind's tenants since my return in law school.  I badly want to expel them because they prevent me from focusing on studying for my subjects tomorrow, which also require my attention.
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