Comfort Zone

I must let go. I've been holding myself for too long. It is difficult for me to leave my comfort zone and take risks. This attitude is greatly influenced by my closest friends in school who possess the same. They are part of my comfort zone. I don't try to mingle with other people and join other organizations because I already have them. I never go to a place without one of them as a companion. We support each other as a group but at the same time pull each other to be stagnant (even if we don't intend to).

I shall let go. I need to do this because I've been too protected and have stayed too long in the safe side. It's time to test myself, my capabilities and how far I can go by myself. It's time for me to daringly face the uncertainties of life. If I don't let go now, I might not be able to muster the courage to do so in the future.

I let go. I met new people. I faced amazing adventures I wouldn't have dared to try before. I grabbed opportunities. I became confident. I learned. It made me proud of myself. I loved myself more.

Are you still stuck on your comfort zone? Tell me about it. Admitting it is the first step out of it.

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