Learning Fragments

Life is difficult. That's a fact. Things don't always go our way and circumstances don't favor us all the time. It's because of this reality that I am writing this blog. I want to write down positive ideas as well as the negative ones (they're also a source of insight) that I will get from my day-to-day journey.
I am writing this for myself, for my sanity. I'm certain that I still have to face a lot of challenges and failures in life -- challenges that would make me forget how to be strong; failures that would make my self-esteem wither and even shatter my hopes and dreams. When that time comes, and I know it will, this blog would remind me that life is wonderful despite pain and trials are conquerable no matter how tough.

This blog is also for anyone who, by a quirk of fate, would come across this blog and would find meaning in what I have to say. It is part of our nature to empathize with one another. I believe that the lives of the 7 billion people in the world are interconnected...that somehow, at some points, we share similar stories, feel the same emotions, and are bothered by parallel thoughts.

There are priceless lessons waiting for us each day. Sometimes we are too preoccupied  that we miss to notice real treasures of life, which are concealed by their simplicity.

Life lessons are fragments, scattered in different places and situations from various people and objects. They could be hidden in a book, expressed in a line of a song, portrayed in movies, overheard at the grocery store, manifested through an interaction with a stranger, etched in memories...They are everywhere, if we only take time to observe. We must collect as many fragments as we can to make our journey through life meaningful.

I hope to enjoy my journey collecting learning fragments with you!


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