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These are articles I have written prior to starting this blog. Like my tendency to hoard stuff, I find it difficult to discard past write-ups. I am posting some of them here because like other wannabe writers, I left a piece of me in each article. As innate as an individual's desire to share his story, I long for you to read and maybe appreciate my work.

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        How to Fail Your Grades
           A satirical write-up about students' unintentional habit of neglecting their studies. 

        My Superman
           It features a father who successfully managed to advance in his career as a seafarer and at the same time maintain a close relationship with his family. 


          A Better Me to A Better Country
             This is an essay I submitted to the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) in 2009 for its annual Search for the 10 Most Outstanding Expat Pinoy Children in the Philippines. It tries to answer how a child of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), like me, can contribute to nation building.
          A Just War?   
             A reflection derived from reading St. Augustine's "The City of God." This essay addresses the ideas of a justified war and God's role in the history of mankind that were discussed by St. Augustine in his work. This was written during the peak of the Libyan Revolution against the late dictator, Muammar Gaddafi.

          The Real Essence of Education
             This essay points out my ideal educational method. It stresses how the 'encouraging approach' from the educators positively affects students' desire to study. A shift in teaching method is needed because the real essence of education lies on making students prize education and love the process of acquiring knowledge.



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