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I've read somewhere that having a gratitude jar where you put all the things you're grateful for each day is a way of living a happier life. In substitution of that jar, I'm making this post as my own version of thanking life. Hopefully, updating this post from this day onward would help uplift my spirit during stressful times and remind me of how blessed I truly am.

[March 27, 2016]
It's almost a year since I last updated this gratitude post. Not that I ran out of things to be grateful for, busyness just got the best of me. Today, articles on Mind, Body, Green (MBG) -- specially this -- reminded me how it is essential to be openly grateful even for the smallest blessings. So, here are the blessings I counted for today:

It's Easter Sunday! I was able to serve at the 9 am mass in our parish and my reading went smoothly. I'm happy that in my little way, I'm able to celebrate and honor Jesus' unconditional love for us. Fr. Calvin's homily drove an important message of hope and the beauty of sacrifice. The burdens that are currently weighing me down somehow became lighter. No, it's actually my perspective that became more optimistic. Challenges, problems, and all the crosses we carry are necessary; the same that Jesus' sufferings and crucifixion were indispensable in His resurrection. Through this lessons, I'll be facing this coming week with a revitalized hope and faith.  

[April 15, 2015]
For the past four days, I've been extremely happy. My Palawan trip with Meleus and Ian was finally realized! During the entire trip, I was always smiling and laughing so hard. And the long drives to the destinations allowed me to contemplate as well. I realized that travelling transforms me into my best self. I was out of my comfort zone; I was participating in the world; and I was with my best friend. The trip is absolutely one for the books!

[February 12, 2015]
Sincere and genuine care from friends is priceless. When you feel so low, a friend's comforting words mean the world. It's all you need to feel better and hopeful again. Thank you Lord for my friends's love and concern. Somehow, knowing that there are people praying with us lifts the burden from my heart.

[November 21, 2014]
First week was rough; very far from how I wanted my first week for the sem to unfold. Well, what was I thinking, nothing ever goes to plan in law school. It's been confusing and crazy. Thanks to my friends, my support group, I managed to stay sane amid the insanity.

[Nov. 19, 2014]
I've always been blessed with amazing, wonderful friends. And today, the chance to bond with some of those friends is what I'm grateful for. Trust and confidence among friends are special. Sharing our deepest secrets doesn't come easily and the comfort of being able to do that with a particular friend is a blessing.

Finally, after a constant on and off planning, Meleus and I have booked our flights to and from Puerto Princesa for the summer next year. We were able to avail of the promo of Air Asia; our two-way tickets cost only 1,700+ for each of us. It's something to look forward to!

[Nov. 18, 2014]
I'm thankful for the existence of sleep and daydreams. In times of stress, those two are my easiest refuge. Atty. Ungos granted our request for a ceasefire and even gave a lecture. We only had a quiz in Admin Law, which I prefer over recitation (of course!). Jeni got her bonus and treated us to ice cream and fries (Yum!). I had dinner with Gen where I was able to vent out personal dilemmas that have been bugging me lately. She's right; I should learn to control my tendency to be an annoying control-freak and let petty things slip; I should just drop whatever that causes me stress and just let things be. I noticed that unlike in college, most of my friends in law school possess a different personality from me, which is really good for me. I believe God intentionally let our paths cross so that I may grow more and be wiser. Character-wise and principle-wise, I'm immensely maturing thanks to their influence. My inhibitions, doubts, insecurities, and desire to please are bit by bit fading. Law school is definitely polishing me. Despite the pressure and my usual complaints, I'm loving and embracing the whole process of transformation.

[Nov. 17, 2014]
Honestly, today didn't go as smoothly as I planned it to be. It wasn't the ideal start of the week but there are still good things I got from it. I'm so grateful for the thought/fact that I am not alone in law school. Compared to how I felt when I was a transferee, this sem is potentially the best. My law school friends are my source of positive vibes these past few days and I'm grateful for that. Like what Gossip Girl said, "Even if you don't know where you're headed, it helps to know that you're not going there alone." I'm encouraged to defy my introvert nature and to participate further and show up in places, if that makes any sense.

[Nov. 15, 2014]
I've completed buying the books I need for this semester. It's now up to me to read and study them. I'm so blessed to have my parents, really. Our class in Crim 2 was cancelled due to the recollection of first year students. It was the happiest news I received today because I wasn't done reading the entire assignment yet. I was able to go home to Cavite and take care of my younger sister, who was sick since last night. And it's a Saturday night; I'm allotting myself time to play Sims 3. A friend told me to keep whatever that keeps me sane, so I'm keeping my Sims 3 playtime. (At least for now, while the school works are not that burdensome yet.)

[Nov. 14, 2014]
I have several reasons to be thankful. Today, I was able to sell the Labor Law book that I bought, which was different from the one prescribed by my professor. That made me really happy. I'm also becoming more comfortable in talking to my schoolmates rather than avoiding to have eye contact with them. (Hoorah!) No classes today due to my school's victory party. (Double hoorah!) I got to talk to Meleus, my best friend, over the phone and we planned our Christmas vacation together. Lastly, I'm grateful for the gift of nephews and nieces. The little naughty ones are here for the weekend. Though their noise and nonstop running around annoy me sometimes, their innocence and charm never fail to make me smile.

[November 13, 2014]
Lord God, thank you for allowing me to meet good, real friends in law school. When I transferred, having companions was one of my worries. I no longer worry about that as often as before since I have gained more than companions. Thank you for giving me Gen, Vhec, Jeni, Ayna, Lander, Suany, and all the acquaintances I've met. I am empowered through this opportunity to widen my circle of friends and mingle with people outside my group, which used to be a struggle for me. Thank you for my parents who've always been good providers and my best supporters. Atty. Jimeno's anecdote of his humble beginnings before becoming a lawyer inspired me a lot today. He was a regular in the library and owned only 2 books as a law student due to his parents' meager income. It made me realize how fortunate I am to have parents who are capable of financially supporting my studies. I'm also thankful for the "little things" that Ate Faith and Kuya Mance have done for me today. Finally, thank you for the grateful, eager, and happy feelings You let my heart experience today.

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