Fear: A Dreamer's Enemy

"Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself." This is one of my  favorite motivational statements of Paulo Coehlo. Indeed, our fear hinders us from doing or achieving certain things. Fear is all in our mind. Once we've learned to conquer our fear, we will discover that it is actually what was restraining us to achieve our full potential from the start.

Riding a bicycle and swimming - these two were unreachable activities to me. My fear of getting bruised from a bicycle crash hindered me from learning how to ride a bicycle while my fear of drowning stopped me from learning how to swim. I always look enviously at people who know how to do these things with ease. I've always wondered how it feels to go to my friend's house on a bicycle or to enjoy a refreshing swim on a hot summer afternoon.

Last January, I tried to ride a bicycle and you know what I found out? I knew how to ride a bicycle all along. I was just too scared to try. I biked from my aunt's house to our house without crashing. I felt soooo happy!

Also just last May, our family went to a beach. I brought a life vest since I don't know how to swim. While my cousin and I were in the middle of the sea, I asked him to guide me how to swim. He instructed what I should do with my feet and I followed. When I removed my life vest, I was able to stay afloat and that encouraged me to swim without the vest. I realized that day that just like my experience with riding a bicycle, it is my fear that stopped me from learning....from going places.

Fear is very powerful. It can control our mind and consequently our body.

My fear of failure almost hindered me from achieving my dream to be a lawyer. I refused to take law entrance examinations after failing the first exam I took. Fortunately, I learned too well from my bicycle and swimming fears and did not allow another fear to stop me from trying.

A week from now, I am starting my journey to becoming a lawyer. I know that I would still be challenged by a lot of fears and doubts but I'm certain that somehow I would get to the end because I've started learning how to face and master my fears instead of being restrained by them.

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