Between Sisters: For Chesca

Our sisterhood is neither perfect nor is it fairytale-like. Ours is as humorously chaotic as the endless cat and mouse chase of Tom and Jerry, and sometimes as dramatic as an episode of Walang Hanggan.

We are opposite as two individuals can be. We don’t always get along well because you hate it when I give orders and I hate it when you don’t obey. We argue because of senseless, trivial things and most of the time, only because no one wants to lose and we both desire to prove our superiority over the other. Despite all the differences, misunderstandings, and consequent squabbles, the bond between sisters remains undamaged. The good memories ALWAYS overshadow the negative ones. The ever-forgiving love of a sister, after all, is insurmountable by any mistake, mood swing, annoyance, and hurt.

All smiles with my younger sister, Chesca (right).
Sisters don't judge. Sisters don't keep grudges. Sisters ignore pride. Sisters accept imperfection. Sisters love unconditionally.

Thank you for being a constant companion through all my victories and defeats. Your unwavering belief in me helped me believe in myself too. Know that we also believe in your abilities. There’s no reason to doubt yourself. Before you even realized that you can achieve things, we knew from the start that YOU CAN. I am proud of you. I’m certain that papa and mama are too, WE ALL ARE. The crybaby Chesca, who can’t handle being left behind by mama at home or at school, is long gone. You’ve managed to become an independent, selfless, generous, and responsible individual. Fly higher. Soar farther. Don’t hesitate. We got your back! Happy 18th Chesca!

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