Fathoming A Mother's Love

You'll fully understand your mother when you become one yourself.

I've played mother to Vonce, my three year old nephew, for more than three weeks. He went home yesterday morning because his parents miss him a lot already. They live in Lawaan, Eastern Samar (my parents' hometown), which is miles away from where I live.

Vonce plays with his favorite stuffed pig toy
named Malaria.
A lot of people find it strange that Vonce is comfortable being away from his parents. Most kids his age would cry when separated from their parents but not him. He's used to having me around as his baby-sitter since he was an infant. I'd love to think that he considers me as his second mother.

My First 2013 Post

I have been planning on writing a new post since December 31st. I thought it would be nice if I write a list of things I loved about 2012. I also wanted to share my New Year's resolutions and my plans in making this year a blast. But for some reasons, the blank page drains all of my ideas every time I try to blog. I have finally brought myself to write this post. It is about time that I publish my first post for 2013.
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