My First 2013 Post

I have been planning on writing a new post since December 31st. I thought it would be nice if I write a list of things I loved about 2012. I also wanted to share my New Year's resolutions and my plans in making this year a blast. But for some reasons, the blank page drains all of my ideas every time I try to blog. I have finally brought myself to write this post. It is about time that I publish my first post for 2013.

The three month break I had given myself is over. I am not really eager to jump back to the stressful world but I really do not have a choice. Three months of doing whatever I like whenever I like them is awesome. I got to read the novels I put on hold because of Law School, watch movies and TV series I missed (again because of Law School), and play Sims 3 endlessly. Though I was having a blast, the negative vibe from my lack of career progress and worthless activities constantly bothered me. I try to shrug off this feeling by reminding myself that I deserve the break and that I would immediately get back on track afterwards.

Now that it is already February, I am obliged to keep my promise. Job hunting is my goal for this month. My resumé needs updating, that is what I am working on right now. I am clueless on how I am supposed to put my first semester in Law School on my resumé, or if it is best to leave that detail off. I tried to seek help by rereading Jeff's awesome 'How to Quit Law School' blog. He had a post about drafting a resumé after bailing on Law School.

Rereading Jeff's blog made me evaluate the writing style I employed in this blog. My blog seemed too wordy and less structured. In the next days, I shall review and edit my past posts. I am really sensitive about my writing so I want it to be good and conversational. I wish that I would really find time to edit my past posts. I also want to blog more. I am thinking of writing daily or twice a week. But it would really depend on my mood.

Job hunting and blogging are two of my top priorities this month. But for now, I need to get back on updating my resumé. And I swear I will immediately send an application if I find something appealing.


  1. Hi Maris, Jeff here. Somehow I ended up back at your blog to see how things are going. Looks like you've pretty well decided to quit. But it's GREAT that you left yourself the option to return. Taking a break was the best way to ease myself out of law school to where I could clearly see that I couldn't return and still be happy. The initial job hunt after that decision was frankly kind of scary. Don't know if you've found the job you're looking for yet, but it can definitely happen. You can also do what I did. Take a job that looks/feels somewhat like the job you want and work to turn it into the job you want. (It's still an ongoing process, but it seems to be working!) Anyway, hope my blog still proves semi-helpful. And it seems that since you and I are in the vocal minority when it comes to quitting law school, perhaps we need to collaborate on a helpful post of some kind. Or maybe this is just my way of inviting you to guest-blog on mine. If that sounds interesting, let me know. Either way, glad to see you're on a path to finding happiness for yourself. Best wishes!

    1. Thank you for dropping by my blog, Jeff. You're completely right about job hunting being scary. Actually, you're right about a lot of things you've posted on your blog. You might not realize it but your blog is very special. Like you said, there's very few people who shared their experience about quitting law school in the internet. You've created a virtual guide for law students. That's quite an achievement if you ask me. I still visit your blog once in a while whenever I need a guide. This might sound weird but I feel like I found a friend in you through your blog. It's amazing to read your posts because I feel understood...that someone knows exactly how I felt/I'm feeling about law school and post-law school. It would be a pleasure to be your guest-blog! Frankly, I'm flattered that you asked. I'll try to write something soon or do you have a particular topic in mind?

      P.S. I was super thrilled after I read your comment. :)

    2. Hi, just popped back by to see if you'd responded. Glad you did. I would love for you to write something. And honestly, I think just hearing from more than one voice on my blog would be great for my many passers-by. I do get questions from other people who are thinking of quitting, but my readers never hear from others who have actually taken a step back from law school. (I'm also very happy when I find some of the few people in this world who understand what it's like.) Feel free to write about whatever you feel would be helpful, even if you just want to explain your process of making the big decision. I also think you can provide a perspective for folks outside the United States that I just can't provide. Cheers!

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