How to Fail Your Grades

From the day we've started going to school, our parents and teachers had been encouraging us to study hard. They have constantly reminded us of the importance of our studies in building a bright future. However, some people still prefer to neglect their studies. For those who haven’t mastered this yet, here are some helpful tips on how to fail your grades in NO time at all.

1. NEVER study your lessons even during exams and quizzes. Avoid your books as if they're contagious. Scanning them would ruin your goal to fail your grades. Grab the remote control, relax and enjoy your favorite TV show instead. Tell yourself that only nerds would study their lessons when they can spend a carefree night.

2. Do not participate in class discussions. Remember that teachers give points to those who recite in class and you don’t care about those extra points. Let your other classmates recite, anyway you have more interesting stories to tell your seatmate. Or better yet, take a nap and dream about your crush.

3. Taking down notes is a big no, no. It would just tempt you to study at home. Copying lectures is a very tiring job, save your energy for partying. Plus, think that you’re doing your mom a favor by not asking money to buy a pen and notebook.

4. Avoid doing assignments and projects. Assignments and projects are just a waste of your time. Teachers don't actually read them but just discard them. If you can’t really avoid doing your homework,  do it on the last minute and make sure that it looks worse than a work of a kindergarten. There must be no trace of effort or enthusiasm on your work.

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5. Choose your circle of friends. The type of persons you hang out with have a great effect on your attitude. Do not hang out with diligent students. They might distract you in your goal of failing your grades. Be friends with those who have records in cutting classes and cheating. They can give you the best advice on how to be a regular customer of the prefect of discipline.

6. Sleep as little as possible. Eat unhealthy but delicious junk foods. Remember that minimal sleep + lots of junk foods = less energy and poor memory. That is the formula for having a gloomy day. It gives you exemplary possibility of learning NOTHING.

7. Make tardiness your passion and absenteeism your game. More time you spend absent or late from your class would mean more lessons you’ll miss and the harder it is to make up. Be sure to regularly be absent or late. The suggested schedule is be tardy in your first class every Monday and skip your last class every Friday. Make use of your free time by playing with your  iPad or updating your Facebook or Twitter.

I hope you realize that I’m not actually giving guidelines on how to fail your grades (because I know that failing our grades is as easy as ABC even without any tips) but I want to drive a point.

Sometimes, we fail to give our best efforts to excel in our studies. Without intending to, we do things that are keys in having low marks. We neglect the importance of studying in our lives and disregard the benefits we could get from it.

Failing grades are easier to get but then again high marks are no doubt more fulfilling. Just put it this way, we're doing ourselves a favor by striving in our studies. Let’s make our home works, pass our projects, listen to our teachers, participate in class, study, study and STUDY! Always remember that LEARNING is FUN (Yes, even more fun than Temple Run and Candy Crush) if you only believe that it is!

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