Job Hunting #1: Job Rejection

Today I experienced my first job rejection. I wasn't even called for an interview. Boy it slapped me in the face. I know I must not take it personally but it's inevitable to do that.

The recruitment department sent me an email which says, "While your qualifications are impressive, we regret that we are unable to extend an offer to you, as the competition for this position has been very keen." It's one of those typical 'don't feel sorry for yourself' lines that people say to make you feel better. I didn't really find comfort in those words. But I'm surprised at how easily I moved on from the pain of rejection to an immediate acceptance. After a few seconds of the inevitable 'hurt', if you will, I come to terms with it. It's part of job hunting to receive rejections after all. Now I'm more motivated to send more applications until I find the right job for me.

Cheers to rejection and the empowerment it sometimes brings!

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