Job Hunting #3: Pause

My mother asked me a favor. She wants me to join her re-election campaign team for the May 13 elections. My mom is a politician, as what others refer to her job. But I like to call her a public servant. Politics in the Philippines is tainted with corruption and malpractices that it's easy for Filipinos to generalize about individuals occupying public posts. However, I can proudly tell everyone that my mom is one of the good guys. She joins the ranks of individuals who genuinely wants to serve the nation and alleviate poor conditions in her hometown.

Anyway, she thinks that I'd be a valuable addition to her campaign team. The local campaign period would start on March 29. I thought about it really hard. If I say yes, it means that I have to stop job hunting for awhile and decline job interviews (if ever they'll call me). I've been unemployed for almost 5 months now after quitting law school. I didn't look for jobs in February like I said I would because I had to take care of my nephew. I feel like I've wasted too much time already. Not that I think campaigning for my mom is a waste of time. I'm just eager for a career progress now.

Despite my inhibitions, I agreed to my mom's wish. I wasn't very supportive of her previous campaigns (it would be her third and final term). Honestly, my siblings and I preferred that she stays away from politics. Being involved in politics is asking for trouble. People will automatically think your'll have foes from the opposition...there's no privacy... Politics is full of drama! After six years, my mom had endured all kinds of petty accusations. I saw how she ignored them and persisted in implementing beneficial programs for her constituents. Lawaan is better off with her. And this time, I want to contribute something to her re-election.

Besides, my mom has really been supportive of me. She permitted me to quit law school even though she badly, badly, badly wants me to become a lawyer. She also allowed me to take a break for four months and let me decide on what I want to do with my life. That's something! By helping her campaign, I wish to show her how grateful I am for everything she's done for me.

So, I'll be taking a pause from job hunting. After all, I'm certain that being part of the campaign team is a good practice for work.

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