Lesson Learned from Planning

Planning is a big part of my life. I have the habit of carefully scheduling things - proper timing to be in a relationship, the right age to get married, have kids, retire, finish grad school... I plan just about every detail of my life, even my daily routines!

There's comfort I find in planning. Probably the feeling of being in control and organized.

The downside of planning my life is my tendency to always think and worry about the future. I fail to enjoy the present because I'm too busy figuring out how to prepare the best future I can have. I lose the chance of living the moment.

Today, I realized that going with the flow and allowing life to surprise you once in a while isn't bad at all. The feelings of uncertainness and not being in control might be unsettling but they're needed elements of life. I still believe that planning ahead is a good habit. I just have to learn how to not preoccupy myself with too much planning, to have time to actually live and enjoy my life.

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