Officially a Rettorney!

I'll let you in on a little secret. I went back to law school. Today, I'm now officially enrolled. Sshhhhhhhh... I didn't tell everyone. Only my family, a few of my friends and law school buddies know about it.

After the May 2013 election, I made up my mind that I was going to go back. But I also decided that I would transfer to another campus. Deciding to quit law school was hard and deciding to return was even harder. I had to swallow everything I've said when I left. So, I wanted a new environment and a new set of people. It's my own way of starting with a clean slate (Although, I know that it's not a clean slate. After all, all our actions and decisions in the past have consequences that we can never escape.).

Trust after Yolanda

I'm scared and worried to death just like everyone who has relatives in Samar and Leyte. I feel helpless. Today's the third day that we haven't heard from our family in Lawaan, Eastern Samar. Our last update was from a news report in ABS-CBN, which said that there are 10 confirmed dead from our town. It's a shocking news! Although we were worried, somehow we were still hopeful that our town and kababayans are safe. We never expected any casualties.

A Shoutout to Reporters and News Staff

As super typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippine Area of Responsibility, it had done a lot of damage to different provinces. We were so worried at home because we can't contact our family and friends from Easter Samar, Tacloban and other parts of Leyte. We last heard from our mom at 5 in the morning, just after Yolanda's landfall at Guiuan. She told us that things were alright in Lawaan and everybody was fine but after that phone call, we failed to contact her or anyone in Samar and Leyte anymore. Even TV and radio broadcasting networks lost communication with their reporters as a result of the typhoon.

Samar and Leyte were virtually isolated from the rest of the Philippines during the onslaught of Yolanda. The absence of any update kept speculations and uneasiness in the air. A lot of people who have relatives from the said places were expressing their frustration on social networking sites. We were all dying to get hold of any information.
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