A Shoutout to Reporters and News Staff

As super typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippine Area of Responsibility, it had done a lot of damage to different provinces. We were so worried at home because we can't contact our family and friends from Easter Samar, Tacloban and other parts of Leyte. We last heard from our mom at 5 in the morning, just after Yolanda's landfall at Guiuan. She told us that things were alright in Lawaan and everybody was fine but after that phone call, we failed to contact her or anyone in Samar and Leyte anymore. Even TV and radio broadcasting networks lost communication with their reporters as a result of the typhoon.

Samar and Leyte were virtually isolated from the rest of the Philippines during the onslaught of Yolanda. The absence of any update kept speculations and uneasiness in the air. A lot of people who have relatives from the said places were expressing their frustration on social networking sites. We were all dying to get hold of any information.

Atom Araullo reports in Tacloban as super typhoon Yolanda hits the city. (Photo credit: Screen grab from ABS-CBN News' Youtube video)
Truly, news reporters are our eyes and ears. We always see them on TV or hear them on radios but we tend to overlook them for the work they do. Our attention is focused on their report but not on them. Sure, we make comments on the way they report but that's about it.

I want to thank all brave reporters and news staff who keep us updated with news. Their passion and commitment are so great that amid disasters, they continue to do their job even if it means risking their own lives. While we all try to hide in the security of our homes during calamities, they run to the center of action, as near as circumstances would allow them, just to give us details we're dying to know. Most of the time, their days are not spent with their loved ones, they're involved with the stories of victims of disasters instead. They're always busy covering a story, one after another.

I once dreamed of becoming a journalist but I found myself thankful that I never pursued it. I'm not sure if I would've survived because being a reporter requires not only skills but also courage, passion, and commitment.

I truly admire reporters (and their news team). To all reporters and people behind the news, thank you so much for the work you do and the sacrifices you make. We'll all be blind and deaf without you.  

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