For My Soul Sister

You are the mirror of my soul. Thank you for being the kind of person you are.

Your friendship assures me that beauty remains on Earth.

Your ability to see people through the spark in their eyes, glow of their smiles, and firmness of their steps taught me to see beyond superficial facades.

Your habit of introspection has encouraged me to delve into self-discovery and entertain thought-provoking ideas.

Your courage in facing adventures makes me look forward to the future and the limitless possibilities it holds.

Your generosity ingrains gratitude in my system.

Your humility has taught me that admitting weakness is in itself a strength.

Your wanderlust is a welcome reminder of how huge the world is and that there are countless things greater than our own existence.

Your idealism encourages me to live by my principles, especially when it's easiest to conform.

Your warmth and sincerity permeated through my ironclad bulwarks. It's a rare blessing to have someone with whom I can share my vulnerabilities free from fear of rejection or getting hurt, who completely gets me, knows the contents of my heart, and understands the longings of my soul.

Your love for family reminds me of what truly matters in life.

Cheers to being 25...

to effecting change..

to figuring life one adventure after another..

to widening comfort zones..

to falling for remarkable strangers..

to sharing stories..

to creating connections..

to being seized by moments..

to leaving a trail where there's none..

to being compassionate even when it hurts..

to recognizing the goodness in everyone..

to pursuing passions..

to collecting learning fragments..

and to following love wherever path it sends us.

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