Gone Off Track

The week is almost over. I've never been this eager for the weekend to come. It's been a terrible week for me. It was tiring - physically, mentally and emotionally draining.

To top the list, I got a 75 midterm grade in my Criminal Law. Atty. Amurao, my professor in Criminal Law is popular for giving failing grades to his students. There's nothing wrong about our professor. He's actually impartial and very objective in giving grades. It's just DIFFICULT to pass his subject because of how he conducts recitations and the exam is very tricky; only about 2% of the students pass his class. Needless to say, I'm disappointed with my grade and it got me worried. I need to ensure that I study better and perform well in his class in the coming days if I want to pass. I badly need and want to conquer the "criminal master" in my Law School. Aside from my grade, my lack of sleep had taken its toll on my body. My body is literally demanding sleep. I must take better care of my health. Lastly, I have two recent visitors, LAZINESS and DISTRACTIONS. They've been around for the past two weeks and this week I really want them to leave but they never did. So, I am stuck in being unproductive. I have a lot of backlogs in all my subjects. I NEED to make up for them SOONEST.

I'm hoping that after I've written this down, I'll feel better and energized. I wish that laziness and the distractions will depart NOW. And I fervently pray to have my optimism back. I NEED to be back on track by next week.

Have a productive weekend!

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