Lesson Learned from Drowning

Photo Credit: Sandervanderveen on flickr.com
Life is like going for a swim. It's enjoyable and refreshing. But there are times that the water becomes too much for us to handle. Sometimes, the pool turns out to be deeper than we imagined. Upon realizing this, panic easily follows.

It's easier to just give in...to let the water pull us in effortlessly. Struggling for oxygen could be tiring. Exerting force against the water could be exhausting. It would take a determined mind to fight the inviting current of the pool…to resist being drowned.

Life, every once in a while, throws problems to us that we feel we cannot overcome, situations that are just too hopeless to be conquered. The easiest and most convenient choice is to quit, give in to hopelessness, and accept defeat. BUT we must remember that the easy way out does not lead to happiness, satisfaction, or success. What it affords us is a mere short-term relief. And it doesn't get us anywhere near our goals.

It's hard to remain sane during tough circumstances. It would take determination and a lot of persistence to continue the fight. Yes, it is difficult but it is only through fighting that we can survive.

When in the midst of surrendering, scold yourself, "Swim against the current. Don’t you dare drown."

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