August is the Buwan ng Wika or month of language in the Philippines. Activities that are directed to a deeper appreciation for the Filipino language are held around the country. The most fun events happen in schools. The Department of Education determines the theme each year. The students' works (i.e. essays, posters, poems) should be relevant to the theme in order to win in whatever category they decide to join.

When I was a kid, the essay-writing and slogan-making competitions were my favorite activities. (It was through winning my school's first Filipino essay writing and slogan making competitions that my appreciation for writing began.) I also enjoyed performing Filipino folk dances like Tinikling and Cariñosa. I'm not a good dancer but we were required to participate back then and rehearsals offered great bonding time with my classmates.

Is This the End for 'Us'?

I'm pretty sure we almost broke up last night, as Taylor Swift sings. And I also could have thrown my phone at him if he was in my front. Luckily, he wasn't. My phone's safe, so is his pretty face.

He's been doing an excellent job ignoring me lately. Hopefully, an unconscious act on his part. He's been making me feel taken for granted and insignificant. Just the things I fear finding their way into reality (Utter ugh, I know!).

All signs -- everything that he's doing or (more appropriately) not doing -- are telling me that it would be wisest to end the relationship while it's still in the early stage before I become more emotionally involved.
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